Refreshed „Good Old Laws“

December 9th 2017.

Faculty of Law in Zagreb

After two years and more then 20 shows throughout Croatia exhibitoni „Good old laws“ is expanded with new exibits based on the book “Curbing Corruption in Croatia in Middle Ages”.

Igor Gliha, Željko Jovanović,

Anamarija Musa, Zorislav Antun Petrović

„This exhbition is good example of something totally different from common thinking that people in Croatia see corruption almost as something normal, since it shows that the awareness of corruption, need for anticorruption action and good regulation existed through the century“, said professof Igor Gliha, dean of Law School of Zagreb University.

Infomation Commissioner Anamarija Musa emphasized that exibitions shows that before 800 years ancient Croats, both nobles and citizens, were aware that corruption is a part of human nature and it should be curbed with good legislation and institutions. Those institutions should open to the public eye everything that is in a public interest and that way prevent something murky to take place in dark and close area. „This shows stipulation from the Statute of Korčula from 1265, the oldest one, that says: whenever something written comes to the Council and the management of Korčula, and the Council is not in a session at a time, management should together with the councillors who hapen to be in the city entitled to get those letters open and the city chancellor should read it'", said Infomation Comissioner and reminded that today public bodies in Croatia very often deny access to information for peculiar reasons.

Željko Jovanović, president of the Nactional Council for tracking implementation of Anticorruption Strategie“ reminded that most of Croatian citizens recognizes judiciary as the key problem in a fight with the corruptio and expressed hope that the future generations of the Law School will be more successful when it comes to curbing corruption. „We can learn from the history how to prevent corruption to destroy the entire society“, said Jovanović.

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